Angela Richardson


Simply awesome!! Dr. Koyama is the best dentist I have yet to meet. Speaking slowly and making sure you understand what he's about to do, makes you feel comfortable. He and his staff is one big happy family and let's you fit right in with them. I tell everyone I know about his great work and just how pleased I am. Again, Dr. Koyama-SIMPLY AWESOME!!



David Randall


I had two dental implants installed.It was a tricky procedure,due to major bone loss. Dr.Koyama and his associates made this a great experience.State of the art equipment and dedication to doing the work properly,resulted in a successful operation. I can't say enough about the professionalism displayed by Dr. Koyama and his entire staff.


Ronald Sturms


I'm a snowbird without a dentist and was referred to Dr. Sarasola in Port St. Lucie, Fl. After an examinton I was referred to two other dentists for their opinion one of which was Dr.Koyama for the extraction and two implants. The entire procedure was done very professional and by doctors who had my best interest in mind. After the three agreed on the procedure I had the extractions and implants completed before we left for Iowa for the Summer. Dr. Koyama has one of the most professional staffs I have every encountered. I feel very fortunate to have the procedure done here rather than at home. I would highly recommend both dentists for any work one may need to have done. The follow up was exceptional.




Jacqueline Horand (Beck)


Nov. 18.2009 I was shot in the side of my head. Dr.Koyama worked on my head and did a great job. I have known Dr.K for four years. Dr.Koyama will be my Doctor and my friend.The office has my love.


Christine Suriano


When my husband was in the Trauma Unit, Dr.K. took my daughter and I directly to the computer where my hunsdan's scans were and explained everything that was happening at that moment.


If he were a hotel he would be a five star plus




Arthur Agnew

Doctor Koyama is a great doctor, he took care of my son 5 years ago and still caring for him to this day and my 19 yr old....thank you!

Kevin Michael (Mike) Beasley



I am very appreciative of the quality of work done by the caring professionals at the Florida Institute of OMS. In addition to being highly skilled, Dr. Koyama also exhibits compassion and concern that goes a long way in making even the most squeamish of patients (me) feel comfortable. The whole staff is truly first class: Beth, Monique, Michelle...et al. (Sorry I don't remember all the names, but kudos to everyone!)




Shirley Palmer


I had a growth in my jaw, I was worried that it might be cancer. Dr Koyama eased all my fears. He explained everything that he was going to do and he even showed me. Thank God it was not cancer. His staff is wonderful, they also put you at ease. I have already told my friends if they should ever need oral surgery to contact Dr.Koyama.




Judy Haselgrove


I received excellent care from Dr. Koyama and all of his staff. I felt like they saw me as a person NOT just a patient.


They are the very BEST!!!


Ruth Crawford


I was very apprehensive about this procedure. The staff and Dr made me feel very comfortable throughout and afterwards. I have always had difficulty getting an iv.It always take several tries.The Dr got it on the very first try.I did not even feel it. Very impressed.Very professional staff.


Nancy Benjamin


I found the office staff pleasant, professional, reassuring and timely. adequate time was spent answering questions and expectations. they were helpful with insurance and billing questions. appointments were timely with never having unexpected waits or cancellations. dr.koyama never seemed rushed to get to the next patient, which made me feel I was as important to him as he was to me.




Alexis Gonzalez


Wonderful doctor and awesome staff! I would recommend this office to anyone in need of oral surgery!

Victor Caceres



Arriving nervous and in pain, I was immediately set at ease by the staff, their experience, and the full explanation of what was going to be done and what to expect. I awoke from the anesthesia surrounded by staff and never left alone. I am extremely happy with the Florida Institute of OMS and glad they were recommended by my primary doctor and dental surgeon. Kudos!




Ronald Lynch


Excellent- I can not say enough about the care and professionalism showed by both the doctor and his staff.

I would recommend the doctor to anyone who is in need of any of the services he offers.

I just wish all the doctors I go to were as professional and knowledgeable and spent the time explaining the options and treatment.




Sonia Lake


The staff and Dr.Koyama are exceptional. They take the time to explain and discuss all process and procedures. They have always made my visits very pleasant. I have given many recommendations to family and friends.






Dawn Kishpaugh


I had to have tooth #10 on top pulled. The Dr. and his staff were very helpful in letting me know the different ways it could be done and the prices. The day I had it done they were very officiant and took good care of me. The procedure was over before I knew it they also followed up with me late that afternoon. I think over all they did a excellent job.


Martha Ortega


I had a wonderful experience with this office. The staff was very informative and made me feel very comfortable before the procedure. Even after the procedure was complete I had no pain whatsoever. It was a surprisingly easy experience. Thank you!


Denise Sebok




Mrs. Sheila


My experience was very positive. I was made to feel very comfortable by the staff and Dr. Koyama expertly executed the procedure with as little pain as possible. My subsequent visits have also been very positive. I am confident that the implant surgery Dr. Koyama will be performing will afford me the same quality of care.


Ronald Sturms


I'm a snowbird without a dentist and was referred to Dr. Sarasola in Port St. Lucie, Fl. After an examinton I was referred to two other dentists for their opinion one of which was Dr.Koyama for the extraction and two implants. The entire procedure was done very professional and by doctors who had my best interest in mind. After the three agreed on the procedure I had the extractions and implants completed before we left for Iowa for the Summer. Dr. Koyama has one of the most professional staffs I have every encountered. I feel very fortunate to have the procedure done here rather than at home. I would highly recommend both dentists for any work one may need to have done. The follow up was exceptional.


Mike Skinner


Excellent job on removing my infected tooth, I have referred my mother,brother and now my son is having his wisdom teeth removed. Our whole family can't say enough about Dr. Koyama and staff. Thanks!




Travis Brockman


My son (Travis) needed three wisdom teeth extracted, and he was very nervous (rightfully so). While on his consult with Dr. Koyama, Travis and I became very relaxed. My first observation was the cleanliness of the facility, secondly the atmosphere/friendliness of the staff left a positive impression on me. The day of the surgery we were brought in right on time, so there was no anxiousness. It was pain-free for Travis, and his follow-up was perfect. We had one question, and it was answered promptly by the doctor. Dr. Koyama's friendliness and the way he comports himself is reflective of what a professional in healthcare should be. Any oral surgery needed for this family will now be done by Dr. Koyama and his wonderful staff.


Patricia Mercier


Couldn't have been better. Very thorough, professionl and staff all were really nice, helpful and informative -- they answered all my questions and helped me by referring me to an endodontist -- saving my tooth by having a root canal 🙂 🙂 instead of an extraction!!


Mackenzie McClellan


Although initially and during the surgery I was terrified, the recovery definitely made up for the nervousness, as well as the excellent staff. I barely felt bad, with little pain. The mouth rinse that was prescribed made my mouth feel great, and after a week I was back to feeling normal. I had a great overall experience getting my wisdom teeth removed.


Kim Adams


As the parent of the patient, I was very pleased with Dr. Koyama, and the entire office staff. They were very informative and took time to explain what to expect during the procedure and after. They were always available to answer questions/ease concerns. Thank you for your kindness!


Sylvia Nieto Garcia


My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Koyama and his staff. Amazing, everyone from front office to back office. The Doctor was amazing. Everyone was so caring. They spent an inordinate amount of time going over everything with me, from the treament options, to the costs, and the surgery procedure. Every explanation was also given to me in writing. My surgical experience and results were also amazing. Thank you!


Darron Irving


I had a good experience with my procedure. Dr. Koyama's office has a beautiful and caring staff. You can tell that they care about your comfort and well-being. I would refer any of my friends, family, or acquaintances to Dr. Koyama office for their dental procedures. I felt little to no pain during and after the procedure.


Bart Bechtel


At 66, I was too old to be facing wisdom teeth extraction. It should have been done probably 40 years earlier. Friends recommended FIOMS and I couldn't be more pleased. I have had extensive dental work done over my lifetime, but I must admit this experience was far better than anticipated.


Dr. Koyama conducted a thorough examination and explained the procedure to be done.


Dr. Koyama and his entire staff were thoroughly professional and extremely competent. I valued their counseling before andd after the surgery, which was not the easiest of procedures. I will not hesitate recommending FIOMS to anyone facing oral surgery.


Thank you FIOMS, you are terrific.


Rachel Smith


Last week I had my wisdom teeth removed at Florida Institute of OMS. During the consultation, Dr. Koyama explained that I would have less nasal congestion once they removed the upper teeth. That actually got me excited to have my teeth removed! Come the day of surgery, to my relief, the procedure went very smoothly and was finished quickly. I don't remember feeling any pain during the surgery, and now I am healing quickly with just typical soreness. I am happy to say that I am also breathing more easily! I'm so thankful that I came to Dr. Koyama, who gave me realistic expectations during the consultation, and then very professional service during the procedure.


Erving De Leon


When I was told I needed to get my four wisdom teeth removed (at a different clinic) I was scared beyond my mind. Then when I came to FIOM's I felt a lot better. The people were very friendly, and they have a fantastic oral surgeon. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and at home. The procedure was very quick and most important, painless! My recovery went very quick too! I highly recommend this place if you are getting any kind of oral surgery!


RaeAnne Alexander


The waiting room to see Dr. Koyama took longer than expected for the initial visit (to get the pan x-ray). Dr. Koyama sounded experienced in the procedure, and of the human mouth, which was comforting to know. During the surgery, I had no problems, and recovery was a lot easier than expected. There was one problem with the prescription, which could have been the fact that I had to change the pain killer to something I had a positive experience with. In the end, if I or anyone I know needs work done with their mouth or face, I will immediately recommend Dr. Koyama.


Dominque Cain


It was great...didn't take as long as I thought:-) Great office staff!


Miranda Caruso


My experience was nerve racking at first, but the staff made it easier by being funny and just talking to me. They made me feel more relaxed then I thought I would be. The nurse was neurtering and caring, and the doctor had a great personality with a great sense of humor and calm demeanor. They answered most questions before I could even ask, like they new what I was thinking. If anyone were to have the same procedure I had done to me, I wish that they can have the same experience that I did. I'm recommending him to everyone we know. Thank you Dr. Koyama and staff for making my experience feel calming and positive and overall successful. My smile now thanks you!


Tiffany Herrera


The staff and doctor made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands.


Evelyn Lespinasse


The staff was really helpful and kind. Definitely not an enjoyable procedure but the staff and Dr. Koyama made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. I'd definitely recommend others to seek the help of Dr.Koyama and his staff


Keith Hower


As a person who went to the office with an extreme fear of dentists, I was very uneasy about having anything done. After my consultation, though I was still uneasy, I scheduled my procedure. Dr. Koyama and his staff made the whole procedure comforting and virtually painless. More importantly, they made me so good with their office that all future procedures will be done there.


Joshua Welter


I had my lower wisdom teeth extracted. They were impacted but I was unable to tell that the surgery was more complicated even though I knew it was. I had no discomfort after the procedure. Everyone at the office was amazing and I would recommend Dr. Koyoma to anyone.


Emilio Knowles


It was great, no pain. Staff is extremely nice and qualified if I have any more problems with my mouth I would like to visit Dr. Koyama again





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